Ray Dalio on Credit Cycles


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War and Peace in the Bhagavad Gita


Becoming an atheist was for me a two step process: first I rejected the Christianity I was baptised and raised in, then I realized that all religions had their inconsistencies, their compromises, their tendency to lose their center by telling people what they wanted to hear, even as it distorted and even contradicted the original message. But because of my history and location, my thoughts focused on Christianity. So it is good to read an analysis of how another major religious text has been handled throughout history.

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Unix in the browser


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Faith & Doubt

You have to have both. If you have no faith, you will never shoot for the Moon. If you have no doubt, you will never find out what it takes to get there.

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Top-Down Parsing in Python


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Who was Machiavelli and why is Florence such a wonderful town?

Machiavelli I – S.P.Q.F. (Begins Machiavelli Series)

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Memory — false and true


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3 meals a day?


Or not.

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The Fed and black unemployment

I never quite trusted this guy, but I’m all in favor of people who can open their eyes and see what is around them.

Fed’s Kashkari is ‘shocked’ that black unemployment isn’t better understood


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About the “wall of worry”

I notice that Mark Gilbert of Bloomberg, linked by Barry Ritholz, also invokes the wall of worry.

Google trends shows more interest in it last decade, not so much any more.

Maybe when it starts to become a thing again, that will be a clue that it is about to collapse, and the top is in sight. Which is not the case now.

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