Tubular Bells

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Cemetery research

Some good tips and links here.

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Simple Server for your pages, or parked sites


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Scientific Method comes to tech

The titans of AI are getting their work double-checked by students

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Equifax finally talks the talk

Walking the walk? We’ll see. But now we have their own standards, and promises, to compare their actions to. Difficulty: interim CEO.

New Equifax CEO Paulino do Rego Barros Jr. finally gets it right

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How random are prime numbers?

Chi-square goodness of fit test example with primes

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Tax cuts do not pay for themselves


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Republican budget hypocrisy

Everyone is Full of S***, Part 638

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Let’s stay safe out there. Outrage is a drug.


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The case against corporate tax cuts

‘Competitive’ distractions: Cutting corporate tax rates will not create jobs or boost incomes for the vast majority of American families

Hat tip: Barry Ritholz

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